Oh, Baby


Baby, oh, baby, 
the places you’ll go! 
The worlds you will visit! 
The friends you will know!

The horn-tooting apes
from the Jungles of Jorn
will hoot a big toot 
on the day you are born.

While a bird flying high
from far off in Katroo
will sing on the wing, 
“Happy Birthday to you!”
You’ll find that this world’s
a great place to begin, 
but it could use some help– 
which is where you come in.

So now, as my voice
burple-urps in your ear-
with a bump-thumpy sound
that is not very clear- 
the words I am saying
you hear in your heart, 
and know that I wish you
the very best start. 

It’s a scrumptulous world
and its ready to greet you.
And as for myself… 

I can’t wait to meet you!


About Maranda

Living in the mountains with my trees, my husband, and our baby girl. All barefoot of course.

One response to “Oh, Baby

  1. Congratulations on your third pregnancy!!! Glad to hear everyone is doing great!!!

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Maranda, artsy wife to her bearded mountain-man. Hip mama to her squirrelly toddler and roly bebe. Striving to live a simple, barefoot life with her growing family.

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