31 weeks: almost



Summer has flown by in a busy frenzy as it always does.  I do feel like we made the most of it though.  A move into our first house, our first family trip to the beach, countless park outings, picnics, splashing in the fountains downtown and grilling out, too many mosquito bites to count, ending the day with bruised knees and dirty black feet soaking in a toy and laughter filled bath.

We celebrated our F I V E year wedding anniversary with a nice dinner out and a fancy chocolate creme brulee at the chocolate lounge.  

I’ve also been growing a sweet baby, this summer, on kilwins lemonaide, watermelon and plenty of iced coffee and peaches.  My 31 week appointment snuck up on me and I can’t believe we’re down to spacing visits every 2 weeks.  Next week I’m supposed to start my Gentle Birth Tincture and it just feels way too soon!  Baby is looking good, a bloodwork check for me shows that I’m looking pretty good too.  I’m just now starting to feel a little too huge for ordinary tasks like getting out of the car, loading groceries and sweeping (over and over and over)  This has been a completely different pregnancy than my last two and I really can’t complain too much.  Aside from dealing with braxton hicks for the first time everything has been pretty smooth sailing.  Baby’s head is engaged already which is surprising because I usually go at least one week over my “due date” so maybe there’s a possiblity of an on time or dare I say EARLY baby?  That WOULD happen to me, just to keep me on my toes 😉 

I realized this fact at about 3AM last night and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I stayed awake obsessing over how there’s not enough furniture in our living room for a new baby and where is everyone going to sit when they come over!?  (urgent 3am thoughts, I know) Never mind the fact I haven’t even considered digging through baby clothes and bringing them out of storage… Not even sure where the newborn carseat is and HA to having a list and plan ready for freezing meals.  Oy vey.

But that living room.  Yeah, needs a loveseat and a glider. 

However, I’m happily blessed with a big ol dose of baby fever which is getting me through.  I’m just swooning over all the teeny babies I see in grocery stores and dreaming of holding this sweet little nugget of newbie love on my chest.  That feeling when you rub your nose in their soft fuzzy hair and inhale that heavenly scent of brand new baby… AHH… Nothing like it.  They’re so snuggly and content to be held and I’m more than happy to oblige.  In fact, Ryan and I usually fight over who gets to hold the baby those first few weeks, it’s a fun battle.  

So, ya know, here I am, fat and crazy.  Happy almost Autumn!


About Maranda

Living in the mountains with my trees, my husband, and our baby girl. All barefoot of course.

One response to “31 weeks: almost

  1. I love how you write. Beautiful post and I can’t wait to cuddle the newest Russell baby too!

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Maranda, artsy wife to her bearded mountain-man. Hip mama to her squirrelly toddler and roly bebe. Striving to live a simple, barefoot life with her growing family.

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